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Our  baked goods are made fresh every day for our customers. Try our delicious muffins and mouth watering donuts today. Stop into Country Style and see the difference for yourself!



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• Single Donut
• 1/2 Dozen Donuts
• 1 Dozen Donuts
Large Donut
Country Bits
• 10 Country Bits
• 20 Country Bits
• 40 Country Bits
Baked Goods


• plain
• sesame
• poppy seed
• multigrain
• whole wheat & honey
• everything
• pumpernickel

Bagel, toasted with butter
Bagel, toasted with cream cheese or cheddar

Premium Bagels


• Cheddar & Herb
• Asiago & Herb
• Sun dried tomato
• Blueberry
• Cranberry Walnut Flax Cinnamon Honey raisin

Jam, Peanut Butter or Honey
• Single Muffin
• 6 Muffins
• Single Cookie
• 1/2 Dozen Cookies
• 1 Dozen Cookies
made with real butter
plain or cheese
Tea Biscuit
• Original
• Cheddar
• Blueberry
• Raisin
Other sweet treats
• Butter tarts
• Pecan tarts
• Apple toffee danish
• Spinach & cheese danish
• Strawberry cheese danish
Other Treats
• Yogurt Parfait
• Country Oatmeal
• Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
• Vanilla Berry Oatmeal


Nothing Beats Country Style
The pure art of coffee making is what sets apart a truly superior cup of coffee. At Country Style, we have built our business on the superb coffee we serve and your discriminating tastes.


Our Country Style locations are designed to offer you healthy meal choices, packed with flavour and freshness. We encourage you to browse our site and what Country Style has to offer!

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